Blessings! My name is Alanza.
I am a clairvoyant and a clairaudient which means I see and hear above the normal range. I also channel which means I talk to those who have crossed to the other side. I was born with these gifts and have been using them since the age of four. I have two guides that work with me - they are my great grandfather who has been with me since birth and a doctor that came to me in 2005, together with God that is how I do my work.

I was born in Malibu, California and now reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I came here in 1997 and opened my reading room in Manitou Springs, Colorado in 2000. I worked there until 2006 at which time I had a chance to do a show in Las Vegas, Nevada. I did my show there until march 2011, then in April 2011 I came back to Colorado Springs where I have done a show at Stargazers Theatre. I am also starting a radio show with Rashke at KOSI 101.1 Denver Colorado and with Valerie Hart at Y96.9 in Colorado Springs.